Friday, 18 October 2013

Glass Options for Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless Glass Doors

This view is taken from inside a summer house where toughened "unbreakable" glass doors have been installed.

The doors have no side frames and therefore no side hinges. They easily slide left and right along teflon guides above and below. As each door reaches the end of the guides, there is a swivel-point so that the doors can open inwards or outwards (as specified) to enable the whole width of the opening to be used for access.

These are slide and pivot doors but are also called slide and swivel, slide and swing, slide and turn doors.

Glass Options for Frameless Glass Doors.
Plain glass is included as standard but you may order tinted glass or "mirror-glass" options at additional cost. The installation shown above has a special coating that, from outside, is reflective (mirror glass) which is useful for privacy (sometimes called privacy glass). As can be seen, the view from the inside is like looking through tinted glass.

Toughened or Tempered glass is a single sheet of thick glass, unlike double glazing which comprises two sheets of standard thickness glass, hermetically sealed to create a thermal vacuum. Building regulations do not allow tempered glass doors to be used on an external wall of your home. If you would like slide and turn doors or bi folding doors on your home, please view the other options on

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