Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Maximise Natural Light on Dull and Dreary Days

New Year's Eve in England and the weather is wet, dull and dreary. Frameless glass door room dividers, when closed, enable maximum natural light flow whilst helping to reduce draughts and heat loss in the areas you are keeping warm.

When the doors are fully closed, there is a standard pivot-opening glass door for general use. When you don't want the room to be divided, just slide open up the rest of the doors andpush them against the side wall. What could be simpler?

It's the perfect time to think about installing frameless glass room dividers. Take a look at them on-line and submit a quotation request. We'll respond as soon as we re-open after the new year and you could have your divider-doors installed before the end of the winter. You will love their versatility during the varying springtime climate!!

Also available from Sightline Doors.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Frameless Glass Doors featured

Double glazed Frameless Glass Doors and toughened frameless glass room divider doors are featured in this montage from UK door manufacturer SunSeeker Doors.

We hope you enjoy watching! lease visit (and Like!) our Facebook page for Frameless Glass Doors and see our products for sale on the following websites:

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Glass Options for Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless Glass Doors

This view is taken from inside a summer house where toughened "unbreakable" glass doors have been installed.

The doors have no side frames and therefore no side hinges. They easily slide left and right along teflon guides above and below. As each door reaches the end of the guides, there is a swivel-point so that the doors can open inwards or outwards (as specified) to enable the whole width of the opening to be used for access.

These are slide and pivot doors but are also called slide and swivel, slide and swing, slide and turn doors.

Glass Options for Frameless Glass Doors.
Plain glass is included as standard but you may order tinted glass or "mirror-glass" options at additional cost. The installation shown above has a special coating that, from outside, is reflective (mirror glass) which is useful for privacy (sometimes called privacy glass). As can be seen, the view from the inside is like looking through tinted glass.

Toughened or Tempered glass is a single sheet of thick glass, unlike double glazing which comprises two sheets of standard thickness glass, hermetically sealed to create a thermal vacuum. Building regulations do not allow tempered glass doors to be used on an external wall of your home. If you would like slide and turn doors or bi folding doors on your home, please view the other options on www.sunseekerdoors.co.uk.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Frameless Glass Doors: AMAZING

We were delighted to receive this email...

Sent: 29 August 2013 19:35
Subject: Frameless doors

Hi Tony

Firstly id just like to say a big thank you for the doors. Your fitters worked all day to get me water tight and secure and I know you guys get a lot of grief from us customers. The doors look amazing. And I mean AMAZING.
Once they are buffed up and shiny Id happily do a testimonial for you guys and let you have my before and after shots if you'd like.

There were only a couple of minor snags. The sill just needs its joining strip and there was some finishing strips needed inside and out. The main one though probably was the gaskets were a little too short and so there are air gaps still on the tops and bottoms of the panels when they are compressed together. The lads tell me that they'll do it when they fit the final window (If you could let me know when that will be Id be grateful).
Ive got some photos if you need them but I'm sure the guys have it all in hand.

Once again though Tony. Just to reiterate. The doors look bloody amazing.
Driving rain and wind here we come!!!!!


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Frameless Glass Patio Doors and Room Dividers

Glass, especially as double-glazed units, is heavy! This means that any opening panels must be properly supported, either at the top, bottom or sides. If supported at the sides, as with traditional pivot-opening doors, stong hinges are attached to the side of the door, requiring double glazed units to have sufficient frame width and strength to prevent the weight of the glass from placing too much strain on the hinges or they may twist or break.

Bi folding doors are made up of a number of doors joined together by hinges, therefore similar rules apply. It follows that frames made of aluminium are stronger than those made of plastic, therefore doors with pvc frames will require more frame per door to provide sufficient strength.

Additionally, though, bi folding doors are folding-sliding doors therefore support is also necessary at the top of bottom of the doors to enable them to slide. As stated, glass is heavy, so doors that rest on the floor will be more difficult to slide than doors supported from above.

The benefit of Frameless Glass Doors is minimal interruption to the views through the windows or doors.

How do Frameless Glass Doors work?

The key is to eliminate the need for hinges. Instead of joined doors folidng as they slide, each door slides and individually pivots open once it reaches the side of the opening - see this 37 second video demonstration:

The doors in the demonstration are double glazed, which is why there is a narrow opaque edge at the sides of the doors - this is the sealed gasket, necessary in kite-marked double glazing, to achieve sufficient thermal values to comply with British building regulations when installed as replacement patio doors.

Interior frameless glass doors for use as retractable room dividers, need not comply with the same regulations and can be supplied as plain tempered glass - single glazed, thick 'unbreakable' glass - with nothing at the sides to interrupt your views.

The Sightline Doors website has images of frameless glass patio doors and frameless glass room divider doors, together with a brief description.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Slide-and-Turn Glass Doors

Launched by SunSeeker Doors in 2008 as Frameless Glass Curtains, these elegant and contemporary tempered glass doors have been installed in commercial premises and homes throughout the UK and overseas, from Malta to Antigua.

Ideal as room dividers and where double-glazing is not a requirement, our Frameless Glass Doors can be found on the main website, SunSeekerDoors.co.uk.

Other products in the SunSeeker Doors retractable glass doors range include Frameless Double Glazed Doors and UltraSlim Doors, which work on the same principle of slide-and-turn glass doors.

And, of course, our original product, Slimline aluminium bi-folding doors.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

One-Way Glass in Frameless Glass Doors

The tempered "unbreakable" glass in our Frameless Glass Doors and room dividers can be manufactured with a special coating which has a mirror effect from one side, affording considerable privacy! The video features our slide-and-pivot style Frameless Glass Doors with this latest one-way glass option:

For more information, visit your preferred page on our website.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Preparing the Garden for Summer - with New Frameless Glass Doors

frameless slide and turn mirror style glass doors

Brand New Frameless Glass Doors just installed next to the pool in a Hertfordshire home. Comprising four tempered glass doors with a special film coating the glass to give a mirror effect from the outside.

From inside, the view through the glass doors is virtually uninterrupted whether all doors are closed or some of them are open. At one end of the opening, one door opens normally; the other three doors can slide along the top and lower guides to be positioned anywhere across the width.

To fully open all the doors and seemlessly maximise the accessible space between inside and outside, slide each door to the end of the guides and open it outwards (or inwards, depending on your installation).

Frameless Glass Doors can often be measured, manufactured and installed in your home in two or three weeks. Get a patio door quote now and prepare for summer in your garden.

Monday, 13 May 2013

View Paradise through our Frameless Glass Doors

Barely visible, Frameless Glass Doors in tempered glass from SunSeeker Doors are perfect for this Caribbean retreat.

Fully open, fully closed or somewhere in between, views are virtually uninterrupted.

More usually, we install our Frameless Glass Doors in England and the accessible parts of Wales where the tempered glass doors are suitable for either internal doors or external doors where double-glazing is not a requirement, such as on some conservatories or out-buildings.

However, we also manufacture double-glazed frameless doors and UltraSlim doors, our ultra-slim-aluminium-framed slide-and -turn retractable door system, available in plain glass, tinted glass or with classic bars. Take a look at our photo-galleries:
 - tempered glass doors
 - frameless double-glazed
 - UltraSlim doors
then compare door costs of each style for your home.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Chic, Elegant Doors for Modern Apartment living

Clean lines, plain canvasses, room to play with light - these are essential elements of elegant, de-cluttered life-styles.

Our Frameless Glass doors open to a terrace that has been enclosed with glass, for an 'outdoors' feel without the inconvenience of wind and rain.

The main advantage is the use of an additional room, all year round - and our retractable glass doors enhance this feeling of spaciousness.

When the glass doors are fully open, the three rooms are as one - great light flow and 'traffic' flow. This concept can be applied to ground floor homes, too, around a patio.

Start with a no-obligation quotation for Frameless Glass Doors or UltraSlim patio doors with a choice of frame colours.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Frameless Glass and UltraSlim Doors from SunSeeker Doors

When SunSeeker Doors first developed double glazed patio doors without side frames, the decision was taken to continue to use British Kite-marked glass and, three years on, SunSeeker is still the only British manufacturer to offer kite-marked double-glazed Frameless Glass Doors.

The concept was further developed for UltraSlim Doors, similar to Frameless but with a very slim 19mm aluminium frame around the double glazing unit's gasket seal - available in any of the industry's RAL colours. UltraSlim has proved to be extremely popular and has become the best selling patio door system.

Both Frameless and UltraSlim work in the same way, which is different from bi folding doors. There are no hinges to link the doors, allowing the side frames to be much less obtrusive than bifolds, and each door opens individually. These doors are known as slide and pivot, slide and turn, slide and swivel, slide and swing doors or retractable sliding doors.

Unlike traditional sliding doors, RETRACTABLE sliding doors also pivot to enable access through almost the whole of the width of the installation, without obstruction.

Free Quotation. You could have your new doors installed within a month. SunSeeker UltraSlim doors will change your life.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Innovative idea for Frameless Glass Doors

Why would someone extend their balcony area inwards? There are many benefits.

The external balcony doors may not be conducive to maximum light flow or may obscure a wonderful view - leaving these open and viewing through Frameless Glass Doors overcomes these irritations, especially on cooler days.

A stiff breeze could bring leaves, sand or other debris into the home. Rather than choose between suffering dirt and dust or closing the outer doors, Frameless Glass Doors enables a worry-free view, whether seated inside or outside.

In cooler seasons, when you want to take advantage of any sun to warm the room, closed Frameless Glass Doors will help to do this. When it's hot, the doors may be opened fully, almost as if they had never been installed.

It's amazing how this product has enhanced the life-styles of imaginative home-owners. Whether you live in an apartment in Bournemouth or Hampstead, a period home in the Oxfordshire countryside or other areas of England, you may have your own innovative design ideas.

Note that these are single glazed tempered glass doors and therefore not suitable as patio doors. We also supply and install SunSeeker Frameless Double Glazed, UltraSlim and Slimline bi folding doors.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Is it too cold to think about new doors?

We installed bi folding doors for a client a number of years ago. The client is considering moving to a house that needs complete refurbishment, is pricing the cost and was pleased that our UltraSlim doors are only 10% more than our bi folds.

Client is also thinking of incorporating Frameless Glass Door room dividers because they like open plan living but wants to deaden the noises from the kitchen (such as the dishwasher) when relaxing in the sitting room. Here is the plan:

Frameless glass room divider doors, when closed, will not hamper the light flow and will retain the feeling of spaciousness and, when open, will stack closely to one of the walls so that access between rooms is unimpeded. If, one Christmas, you need to extend a refectory style table into the sitting area, this is still possible!

The 10ft width will require a four door set. This will comprise a standard pivot opening door and three sliding doors. They will look similar to glass door dividers shown on our website. Depending on the floor, it may be possible to inset the lower guide to be virtually flush.

Contact Sunseeker Doors if you would like glass door quotations for your design ideas. We have been manufacturing and installing glass doors in the home counties and south-midlands for almost ten years. Tel 01582 492730.