Monday, 13 June 2011

Slimmest Profiles for Double Glazed Retractable Patio Doors

This is a photograph of a close-up section of brand new patio doors on the day they were installed. It includes the main door with handle (the door is so new that the protective cover is still in place) and the profiles of the sliding doors, all in the fully opened position.

Double-glazing requires a gasket seal around the cavity to maintain the vacuum that enables thermal insulation properties, even on frameless glass doors, You can see that each of the door ends is barely wider than the door handle!

These doors can be purchased direct from the company that manufactures them - who better to measure and install? SunSeeker Doors have almost ten years' proven track record of supplying and fitting bi-folding doors in England; more recent innovative products include ultra-slim and frameless glass patio doors, all fully retractable.

Frameless Glass Doors and UltraSlim enable a more generous view than bi-folding doors due to more glass and less metal per door. They work on a similar principle to folding sliding doors but they are slide-and-pivot doors, without frames between them. You can see more photographs on the SunSeeker Doors website.