Friday, 24 May 2013

Preparing the Garden for Summer - with New Frameless Glass Doors

frameless slide and turn mirror style glass doors

Brand New Frameless Glass Doors just installed next to the pool in a Hertfordshire home. Comprising four tempered glass doors with a special film coating the glass to give a mirror effect from the outside.

From inside, the view through the glass doors is virtually uninterrupted whether all doors are closed or some of them are open. At one end of the opening, one door opens normally; the other three doors can slide along the top and lower guides to be positioned anywhere across the width.

To fully open all the doors and seemlessly maximise the accessible space between inside and outside, slide each door to the end of the guides and open it outwards (or inwards, depending on your installation).

Frameless Glass Doors can often be measured, manufactured and installed in your home in two or three weeks. Get a patio door quote now and prepare for summer in your garden.

Monday, 13 May 2013

View Paradise through our Frameless Glass Doors

Barely visible, Frameless Glass Doors in tempered glass from SunSeeker Doors are perfect for this Caribbean retreat.

Fully open, fully closed or somewhere in between, views are virtually uninterrupted.

More usually, we install our Frameless Glass Doors in England and the accessible parts of Wales where the tempered glass doors are suitable for either internal doors or external doors where double-glazing is not a requirement, such as on some conservatories or out-buildings.

However, we also manufacture double-glazed frameless doors and UltraSlim doors, our ultra-slim-aluminium-framed slide-and -turn retractable door system, available in plain glass, tinted glass or with classic bars. Take a look at our photo-galleries:
 - tempered glass doors
 - frameless double-glazed
 - UltraSlim doors
then compare door costs of each style for your home.