Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Frameless Glass Doors: AMAZING

We were delighted to receive this email...

Sent: 29 August 2013 19:35
Subject: Frameless doors

Hi Tony

Firstly id just like to say a big thank you for the doors. Your fitters worked all day to get me water tight and secure and I know you guys get a lot of grief from us customers. The doors look amazing. And I mean AMAZING.
Once they are buffed up and shiny Id happily do a testimonial for you guys and let you have my before and after shots if you'd like.

There were only a couple of minor snags. The sill just needs its joining strip and there was some finishing strips needed inside and out. The main one though probably was the gaskets were a little too short and so there are air gaps still on the tops and bottoms of the panels when they are compressed together. The lads tell me that they'll do it when they fit the final window (If you could let me know when that will be Id be grateful).
Ive got some photos if you need them but I'm sure the guys have it all in hand.

Once again though Tony. Just to reiterate. The doors look bloody amazing.
Driving rain and wind here we come!!!!!