Monday, 16 January 2012

UltraSlim Patio Doors vs Frameless Glass Doors (Glass Curtains)

SunSeeker Doors' UltraSlim Patio Doors have the slimmest frames of any fully retractable patio doors available today - except, of course, when compared with FrameLESS Glass Doors, which are also fully retractable and have no frames.

Comparing the two styles (both available from SunSeeker Doors), they provide maximum access through the aperture when the slide-and-pivot doors have been opened to their maximum. Doors, including bi folding doors, that can be pushed out of the way to stack neatly at the side of the opening, are called retractable doors.

In a sense, French doors can also be called retractable, although the resulting open space is limited to two door widths (less than 2m) and 'pocket' doors that can be slid into a cavity can be called retractable too. Traditional sliding patio doors always have at least one door width blocking the access through.

Slide and pivot doors - UltraSlim and Frameless - will, typically, have a master door that opens normally (pivot) and two to perhaps seven other doors that will slide along towards the original door, then pivot in the same way (as shown in the image, stacked, above).

So What is the Difference?

UltraSlim has a sleek, thermally-broken (for good insulation) powder-coated (in the colour of your choice) aluminium frame around the kite-marked, double-glazed panel, covering the gasket of the sealed unit. In addition to the making a statement with the door frame colour, this feature facilitates the incorporation of horizontal blinds within the glazing cavity, for practicality and a very contemporary look.

SunSeeker Doors is the only company to offer the full range of retractable doors, all are manufactured in the UK.