Monday, 23 July 2012

Where can I buy Frameless Glass Bi-Folding Doors?

An excellent question. The answer depends on where the doors will be installed. There are folding zig-zag glass-like screens for showers but if it refers to quality frameless glass doors as room dividers or patio / conservatory doors, we believe there is no answer because bi folding doors cannot be frameless.

Why is this? In order to fold, each panel of the glass doors must be affixed to its neighbour. Normally, because of the strength necessary to work with the weight of the doors, this involves hinges which are affixed to frames. The continental 'glass curtains' concept, instead of connecting a number of folding doors, is set up so that each panel moves independently. In general, they were designed as wind-breaks and, whilst they would hold off some rain, they were neither weather-proof nor did they attempt to provide heat insulation.

As an innovative manufacturer of doors, we at SunSeeker Doors spent several months developing a system that would meet strict UK building regulations for safety and thermal insulation values, whilst retaining essential features such as ease of use and, of course, weather resistance. 

We introduced our single glazed tempered glass doors as room dividers and enclosures whilst we tested and perfected the frameless double glazed doors version - it was essential to ensure that the doors fitted snugly together when closed. For best results, we use kite-marked double glazing units for all our patio doors:
SunSeeker Doors have been manufacturing and installing our aluminium-framed Bi-folding Doors since 2003 and our Frameless double-glazed systems since 2008.

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Friday, 6 July 2012

The Only Frameless Kite-marked Double Glazed Retractable Patio Doors Made in England

Renowned bi folding door company SunSeeker Doors were the first and, we believe, still the Only Frameless Glass Door manufacturers in the UK with BSI approved Kite-marked Double Glazed units in all retractable Patio Doors .

The Kitemark is important as it is your assurance that the double glazed unit has been fully tested to British standards (in fact, it exceeds BSI requirements).

Frameless Glass Doors are different from Bi Folding Doors because they have no frames - of course - which also means that they have no hinges. The sides of the glass doors obscure the view by only 19mm, which is the width of the thermal seal around the double glazed units.

To open the doors, use the traditional pivot-opening master door, followed in turn by each of the other doors, which slide towards the previous door and also pivot open so that as many doors as required are 'stacked' to the side of the aperture.

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