Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Maximising your Natural Light with Glass Doors & walls

Shaded rooms, particularly areas with a northerly aspect, could benefit from maximising the flow of available natural light from outside. Double glazed glass with high thermal values can replace smaller windows or patio doors or, if the budget is secondary to your desire for quality lifestyle, replace a whole area of non-supporting wall with glass.

Why not go one better and ensure that each glass panel is openable - and can be pushed aside to give you metres of connecting space between inside and outside? It's possible with Frameless Glass Doors from SunSeeker Doors!

In the featured photograph, the first glazed panel to the right of the support column will unlock and pivot open for access to the garden. Following this, any number of the other frameless glass doors can slide to the open door area and also pivot open, eventually - quickly and effortlessly - essentially removing the whole glass wall, if required.

Frameless glass doors can be fitted as part of an extension or redesign project; they can also replace existing patio doors or bi-folding doors. Installation is usually completed in under a day.

The cost of Frameless Glass Doors is comparable with good quality bi-folding doors. SunSeeker Doors will be happy to provide quotes for both bi-folding and frameless glass doors, with no further obligation to you and no sales pressure.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Patio Doors: Slimmest Sight-lines? Slimmest Profiles?

click image to enlarge view
SunSeeker Doors, established UK manufacturer and installer of bi-folding doors, has developed a fully double-glazed, fully retractable patio door system with incredible sight-views.

The Frame-less Glass Door system offers an expanse of opening glass doors up to and in excess of seven metres wide. When closed, the slim sight-lines are 19mm (about ¾") at each side of each door where the double glazed panels are sealed. When open, the slim profiles enable maximum access through the doorway.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors feature improved benefits over bi-folding doors:
  • Narrow sightlines = more glass = more natural light and larger viewing area
  • No hinges = slim profiles = wider access
  • Better thermal values = reduced heat lost = fuel cost savings
Not to mention the wow factor!

View the installation gallery and compare prices of Slimline Bifolds with Frameless Glass Doors.