Sunday, 21 February 2010

Frameless Glass Doors: New Website

Website Launch

Frameless Glass Doors now has its very own dedicted website. Here at Sunseekerdoors Ltd we believe our new product range of frameless glass doors is that special that it deserves its very own website.

Double Glazed Frameless Doors

With the development of a double glazed system well underway. We are confident that they will soon be ready for production. Our current estimates are that by the end of March we will have a fully tested double glazed system which will be meet all building regulations and be suitable for both internal as well as external use.

Why have a framed system when you can have a frameless?

To see further pictures of the new system please check out our new gallery page.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Versatility of Frameless Glass Doors

There's a balance to be struck between open plan spaciousness and cosiness during Britain's inclement weather spells.

With Frameless Glass Doors, the open plan vision remains.

Wherever you want to use them, Frameless Glass Doors will help keep out the cold, wet weather but allow natural light to permeate throughout!

Fit Frameless Glass Doors as room dividers, kitchen enclosures, balcony or terrace enclosures, sun room or conservatory doors.

Commercially, Frameless Glass Doors can replace shop-fronts to make access more comfortable, especially useful for caf├ęs, to enclose cloisters and terraces and, internally, to divide a large area into smaller modules that can easily be reunited as a larger room when required.

SunSeeker Doors web site has been redesigned for ease of navigation to our products' applications ... plus there are new pictures to see, with pictures of more new installations to be added.

Take a look! Tell us what you think.