Tuesday, 9 October 2012

British Innovation - Home Improvement - Retractable Doors

Retractable Doors - what does that mean? 
When Retractable Doors are fully open, the space you can walk through is virtually all space, not door. The simplest form is French Doors, when both doors are open, but this is limited to an opening of no more than about 6ft. The opposite of retractable doors is a standard sliding door set, when one door overlaps another so half the available walk-through space is immediately lost. More recently, bi folding doors have become popular as patio doors, as they can be installed in openings of several feet/metres, combining the benefits of indoor and outdoor living.

British Innovation.
SunSeeker Doors developed Retractable Sliding Doors. These are sliding doors that, rather than overlap, slide to the edge of the opening then pivot 90 degrees. This can be done for all the doors in the opening - or just some of them. These doors are far more elegant than bi-folding doors and have optional extras such as integral blinds, colour choice of edge frames and tinted glass.

SunSeeker Doors also makes retractable Frameless Glass Doors to divide internal areas to retain an open plan feel, even when the doors are closed. these, too, are contemporary and stylish. As virtually pure glass, I can't imagine they will ever be dated - they can certainly look good in period properties as well as modern.

When you are planning your property extension or home improvement, Buy British! Innovative Doors from www.SunSeekerDoors.co.uk