Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Front Page News for Kite-Marked Double Glazed Frameless Patio doors

Frameless Double Glazed Sliding Pivot Doors are featured on the front page of the SunSeeker Doors web site.

A major selling point of SunSeeker Doors' frameless double glazed patio doors is the British kite mark, a reassurance for home-owners investing in innovative new upgrades to their properties.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors are the only frameless double glazed patio doors to bear the Kitemark.

The full range of retractable glass doors can be viewed on our website:

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cosy-up with a totally see-through, fully openable glass Room Divider

Natural light inside the home is maximised with frameless glass room dividers, yet you need only heat part of the room, thus saving money. 

Fitting an "invisible" partition or "glass curtains" in the home has additional benefits. Apart from allowing light to bounce around and heat to be focused, it can reduce noise between areas - for example, the dishwasher in an 'American-style' open plan kitchen/living room arrangement would be less obtrusive from the sitting area.

British made SunSeeker Frameless Glass Door room dividers give you the best of both worlds because they are fully retractable when you want them to be, enabling maximum access space between the two (previously separate) areas.

Fitted in a short time with minimum fuss, why not order some now? They can be be installed in 2 or 3 weeks!