Tuesday, 22 December 2009

History of Frameless Glass Doors

Originally designed to enclose the balconies and terraces in countries with warm climates, such as Spain, Frameless Glass Doors are now available in the UK.

The idea of simply sliding each panel to the rotation point and turning it 90 degrees to stack against the side wall led to the term 'glass curtain'. Restaurants and caf├ęs began to consider the benefits of replacing their windows by frameless glass panels to enable expansion and ease of opening up for maximum air flow. The whole wall could be replaced by frameless glass doors.

Golf clubs and hotels with cloisters saw the advantages of enclosing the covered areas to maximize their potential year-round. Frameless glass doors can be installed to fit inside the curved arches, maintaining architectural integrity; they can also be installed around the curve of a circular terrace or balcony. An increased demand for these products is now becoming apparent in commercial projects.

Additionally. the concept of windowed partitions to divide internal areas is on the increase in the UK. Tempered glass panels are ideal for internal partitions and commercial purposes but do not meet the thermal insulation requirements in Britain as a replacement for patio doors in homes.

Instead, there are slimline aluminium framed double-glazed bi-folding doors.

Bifolding doors offer good views and turn to the side wall or walls for full access. The cavity within the double-glazing can be put to good use, too. As window blinds are increasing in popularity to replace fabric curtains, house-holders are finding the accumulation of dust on the horizontal surfaces (rather than the hidden dust harboured in fabrics) are an unwelcome chore in their already busy lives.

The solution is to order bi folding doors with integral blinds sealed inside the cavity. Protected from little fingers and heavy-handedness, the blinds can be operated externally with very little chance of damage. They can be almost fully retracted to the top of the door. Slatted blinds can also be adjusted as normal Venetian blinds so that sunlight can be filtered, as required.

Double glazed thermally compatible fully glazed doors that look like thin profiles of double-glazed windows – but frameless – will be available for order in the new year, in anticipation of testing and approval of suitability as an exterior door. Testing and approval is necessary for homeowners to meet building standards as well as energy cost savings.

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Benefits of natural light

Benefits of more sunlight

Bi-folding doors can have a great positive effect on the body by letting more sunlight into your home.
  • Provides Vitamin D: Some exposure to sunlight provides Vitamin D. It has a vital role in overall well being of the body. It helps to prevent many diseases by improving the immune mechanism of the body. Widely used to treat acne, psoriasis, breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Provides healing: Sunlight promotes healing Greek physician Hippocrates described deeply about the healing power of sun. It was widely used for heliotherapy for treating many infectious diseases. Exposing to moderate levels of sunlight has been proven to have beneficial effect on decreasing high blood sugar, decreasing cholesterol levels and to decrease blood pressure. Exposure to measured amount of UV light has been found to reduce asthma.
  • Improves athletic performance: Sunlight lifts the spirit and it is one reason why man tends to spend more time outdoors to enjoy sun in Summer. Studies have revealed that it increases the performance of athletes and helps faster recovery from injuries.
  • Stress buster: Exposing to sun, enhances our mood and helps overcome stress. It increases the mood stabilizing chemical -Serotonin in our body. Enjoying the summer at the beach is a great way to get destressed.
  • Sterilization: The UV rays of the sun can sterilize any surface by killing bacteris, virus, fungi or mould. It makes the skin less suscptible to infection due to the thickening effect.
  • Disinfection: Sunlight helps in disinfection of many surfaces including drinking water. It can deactivate many organisms from drinking water.

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Frameless Glass Doors!!!

Out with the old in with the new!

Aluminium bi-folding doors have been at the forefront of modern home improvement but now there is some competition……

Frameless Glass doors

Yes that’s right in addition to aluminium folding sliding doors frameless glass doors are now also at the forefront of modern home improvement. For more info please visit http://www.sunseekerdoors.co.uk/