Monday, 23 August 2010

New Photographs uploaded to Frameless Glass Doors web site

It's all there on the home page -- a selection of photographs from our frameless glass doors installations, featuring frameless glass room dividers, frameless glass enclosures for balconies, terraces and commercial properties plus our latest innovative product: double glazed, thermally compliant Frameless Glass Doors for a great view of your garden from your living room!

SunSeeker Doors slide and pivot Frameless Glass Doors are made to your requirements in our UK workshop. Visit our websites for more details plus a free no-obligation quotation. /

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

About Frameless Glass Patio Doors

From the web site:

Under cheaper alternatives, you say "you could consider removing classic French doors, widening the entrance, and adding some concertina doors" but concertina doors need to have frames in order to fold.

Better to have Frameless glass doors that look similar to bi folding doors but work on a different principal. There is a standard fully glazed main door that opens that then enables each of the other frameless glass panels to slide along the top and bottom runners and pivot 90 degrees to stack neatly away, giving maximum accessibility through the width of the opening.

They are available in single glazed toughened glass or double glazed fully insulated versions. The single glazed are truly frameless but do not comply to building regulations for use between the home and garden; double glazed frameless glass doors are frameless but show about 18mm of opacity at each side where the cavity vacuum is sealed.

Concertina and both types of Frameless glass doors can be seen and compared on the SunSeeker Doors web site.