Friday, 21 December 2012

Season's Greetings & Opening Dates

Please note that manufacturing and installations will resume from 2nd January 2013.

Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Commercial Installations - Restaurants Choose SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless tempered ("unbreakable") glass doors are ideal for restaurants, providing diners with uninterrupted views and an abundance of natural light. And whenever there's a hot day, there's an added bonus of the doors being fully retractable for maximum fresh air. Alternatively, if the weather is merely warm, doors can be spaced to allow some air flow.

See some of our restaurant installations pictured below.

Visit our Commercial Frameless Glass Doors page for further information.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Exporting British Innovation

Jumby Bay, Long Island, Antigua, is a prestigious area of the Caribbean. SunSeeker Doors has secured an order for three installations of our British manufactured Frameless Glass Doors.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

British Innovation - Home Improvement - Retractable Doors

Retractable Doors - what does that mean? 
When Retractable Doors are fully open, the space you can walk through is virtually all space, not door. The simplest form is French Doors, when both doors are open, but this is limited to an opening of no more than about 6ft. The opposite of retractable doors is a standard sliding door set, when one door overlaps another so half the available walk-through space is immediately lost. More recently, bi folding doors have become popular as patio doors, as they can be installed in openings of several feet/metres, combining the benefits of indoor and outdoor living.

British Innovation.
SunSeeker Doors developed Retractable Sliding Doors. These are sliding doors that, rather than overlap, slide to the edge of the opening then pivot 90 degrees. This can be done for all the doors in the opening - or just some of them. These doors are far more elegant than bi-folding doors and have optional extras such as integral blinds, colour choice of edge frames and tinted glass.

SunSeeker Doors also makes retractable Frameless Glass Doors to divide internal areas to retain an open plan feel, even when the doors are closed. these, too, are contemporary and stylish. As virtually pure glass, I can't imagine they will ever be dated - they can certainly look good in period properties as well as modern.

When you are planning your property extension or home improvement, Buy British! Innovative Doors from

Friday, 7 September 2012

Impressed with Frameless Glass Doors and SunSeeker Doors' service.

We were very pleased to receive this letter...

"We, and others, are much impressed by the frameless double glazed doors made and recently fitted for us by Sunseeker Doors into the frame and roof made by Waveney Windows of Halesworth, Suffolk. The doors are a step up from what has been previously been available and we hope that your Company has continued success in both the industrial and domestic market. 

Please pass on our thanks to Ray, Adrian and John for the part that they played in measuring and fitting the doors and for turning up at the times stated. They did a very good job with no fuss. Thanks also to you and Paul who answered all our queries. 

For our own records please may we have a final account and a note regarding the Guarantee. Also let us know if you would like us to take photographs of the finished product.

The whole project was completed within three months and as planned, and the results show what can be achieved by careful and helpful cooperation between parties. 

A job well done, thank you. 

Kind regards,

Alan and Susan Walpole "

We are hoping for some photographs soon. Meanwhile, please visit our website gallery of Frameless Glass Doors.

STOP PRESS: we are now pleased to be able to share the photographs. Please click on Frameless Glass Doors Conservatory Project.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Glazed Doors for unusual shaped doorways

Our Frameless Glass Doors can fit across arched entrances and in places where there is insufficient room to swing a cat.

This is because, when closed, the glass fits flush to the opening and, when opening,  each door can be very narrow.

Each door opens separately. The first door pivots open to the side, the next door slides across the gap and it, too, pivots open - as many doors as you want until the opening is wide enough for your needs or wishes.

Being virtually all glass, Frameless Glass Doors can be used successfully with period buildings as well as contemporary style living.

We also manufacture bi folding doors with aluminium frames. More information of our innovative door range is available on our website:

Monday, 23 July 2012

Where can I buy Frameless Glass Bi-Folding Doors?

An excellent question. The answer depends on where the doors will be installed. There are folding zig-zag glass-like screens for showers but if it refers to quality frameless glass doors as room dividers or patio / conservatory doors, we believe there is no answer because bi folding doors cannot be frameless.

Why is this? In order to fold, each panel of the glass doors must be affixed to its neighbour. Normally, because of the strength necessary to work with the weight of the doors, this involves hinges which are affixed to frames. The continental 'glass curtains' concept, instead of connecting a number of folding doors, is set up so that each panel moves independently. In general, they were designed as wind-breaks and, whilst they would hold off some rain, they were neither weather-proof nor did they attempt to provide heat insulation.

As an innovative manufacturer of doors, we at SunSeeker Doors spent several months developing a system that would meet strict UK building regulations for safety and thermal insulation values, whilst retaining essential features such as ease of use and, of course, weather resistance. 

We introduced our single glazed tempered glass doors as room dividers and enclosures whilst we tested and perfected the frameless double glazed doors version - it was essential to ensure that the doors fitted snugly together when closed. For best results, we use kite-marked double glazing units for all our patio doors:
SunSeeker Doors have been manufacturing and installing our aluminium-framed Bi-folding Doors since 2003 and our Frameless double-glazed systems since 2008.

Visit our website and choose your favourite style of fully retractable doors.

Friday, 6 July 2012

The Only Frameless Kite-marked Double Glazed Retractable Patio Doors Made in England

Renowned bi folding door company SunSeeker Doors were the first and, we believe, still the Only Frameless Glass Door manufacturers in the UK with BSI approved Kite-marked Double Glazed units in all retractable Patio Doors .

The Kitemark is important as it is your assurance that the double glazed unit has been fully tested to British standards (in fact, it exceeds BSI requirements).

Frameless Glass Doors are different from Bi Folding Doors because they have no frames - of course - which also means that they have no hinges. The sides of the glass doors obscure the view by only 19mm, which is the width of the thermal seal around the double glazed units.

To open the doors, use the traditional pivot-opening master door, followed in turn by each of the other doors, which slide towards the previous door and also pivot open so that as many doors as required are 'stacked' to the side of the aperture.

Interested? Compare our retractable patio door prices.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Summer? Yes, Inside Frameless Glass Doors!

It was hot and sunny three weeks ago but we've long forgotten that day - a post about bi folding doors documented it so it must be true!

So the summer has abandoned us for the time being but with Frameless Glass Doors, you can keep the doors closed and look through the glass from your centrally heated home and the faintest glimmer of sunlight may seem like summer for a while.

Visit SunSeeker Doors for more information about a range of glass doors, made in England.

Meanwhile, to assist with your day-dreams, here is a selection of photographs (Like our Frameless Glass Doors Facebook page where we've uploaded more).

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Doors from Kitchen to Conservatory

SunSeeker Doors manufactures two types of Frameless Glass Doors - double glazed or single glazed tempered glass. Both work with a slide and pivot action which makes them fully retractable.

This means that once the main door (a standard, pivot opening frameless glass door) is open, each of the other doors can slide to the empty space vacated by the main door, then pivot 90 degrees to maximise the walk-through width between the previously separated areas - kitchen and conservatory, for example.

The installation shown is SunSeeker Doors' double glazed retractable frameless doors as a retractable glass room divider.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Self Build Homes at Woodbridge Park Golf Club, Wiltshire

Woodbridge Park Golf Course has plots available and planning agreement for 21 Scandinavian style, larchwood clad lodges (second homes).

All plots overlook the golf course and each plot offers access to all the amenities of the 150 acre site, including golf memberships and fishing at the lake.

Lodges are available to self-build or can be built to order. The spacious show homes feature SunSeeker Doors, chosen for their quality, durability, value for money and wide range of styles: choose from bi folding sliding or slide and pivot retractable doors, with aluminium frames or frameless double-glazed doors.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Frameless Glass Doors are Ideal for Office Partitions

Versatility without compromise.
Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors as Office Partitions:
  • easy to open (or close) in seconds
  • fully retractable for maximum access when open
  • low cill for easy access (including wheels)
  • maximum light flow, even when closed
  • tempered "unbreakable" glass
  • can be partially open across the opening, to allow air flow
  • reduces noise levels when closed
  • create a private office or conference room in under a minute
  • virtually no sight lines for an uninterrupted view
  • very slim profiles for low use of available space
  • tinted glass option (extra cost) for extra privacy
  • creates a good impression with visitors (& staff)
Link to > Commercial Frameless Glass Doors Quotation.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Frameless Glass Doors Testimonial

Our thanks to Mr & Mrs M for the following photographs and testimonial:

"Once again I would like to say how happy we are with our doors. The installation was carried out in a very professional manner and within a short time of the job being finished our rooms were back to normal. I had thought I might have to carry out a lot of decorating but the way the doors went in did not damage the paintwork which was great. We have noticed that they also sound proof as well as cutting down on cold. All in all we are very pleased with the job.
Have attached a couple of photos for you to see."

We are always pleased to receive photographs (and praise for our doors, of course!)

Our website has more information about fully retractable frameless glass doors for your home. We look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Retractable Frameless Glass Office Dividers

Retractable (meaning that the whole "glass wall" can be pulled back so that there is effectively no longer a divider) Frameless Glass (meaning that there are no side frames on the glass door panels - it's almost like there's nothing there at all when the doors are all in place) Office Dividers are the latest accessory for smart modern offices.

With the retractable frameless glass wall in place, noise between areas is reduced whilst the natural light flow is uninterrupted, giving the feeling of spaciousness. Ideal to separate office areas or to form a temporary conference facility, knowing that the doors can be fully retracted, if required, to reinstate the larger room.

Additionally, frameless glass doors can be spaced to form an effective barrier whilst allowing air to pass through gaps (or people, if the gaps are set to be wide enough).

Quick to install and far from expensive, Frameless Glass Office Dividers are definitely worth considering to meet the needs of office versatility. Quick quotes are available, free, with no further obligation to pursue - but you'll like the idea so much that you'll want to!

Monday, 16 January 2012

UltraSlim Patio Doors vs Frameless Glass Doors (Glass Curtains)

SunSeeker Doors' UltraSlim Patio Doors have the slimmest frames of any fully retractable patio doors available today - except, of course, when compared with FrameLESS Glass Doors, which are also fully retractable and have no frames.

Comparing the two styles (both available from SunSeeker Doors), they provide maximum access through the aperture when the slide-and-pivot doors have been opened to their maximum. Doors, including bi folding doors, that can be pushed out of the way to stack neatly at the side of the opening, are called retractable doors.

In a sense, French doors can also be called retractable, although the resulting open space is limited to two door widths (less than 2m) and 'pocket' doors that can be slid into a cavity can be called retractable too. Traditional sliding patio doors always have at least one door width blocking the access through.

Slide and pivot doors - UltraSlim and Frameless - will, typically, have a master door that opens normally (pivot) and two to perhaps seven other doors that will slide along towards the original door, then pivot in the same way (as shown in the image, stacked, above).

So What is the Difference?

UltraSlim has a sleek, thermally-broken (for good insulation) powder-coated (in the colour of your choice) aluminium frame around the kite-marked, double-glazed panel, covering the gasket of the sealed unit. In addition to the making a statement with the door frame colour, this feature facilitates the incorporation of horizontal blinds within the glazing cavity, for practicality and a very contemporary look.

SunSeeker Doors is the only company to offer the full range of retractable doors, all are manufactured in the UK.