Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bi Folding Doors Comparison

Bifolding doors compared with new double-glazed Frameless Glass Doors

Bi Folding Doors:
  • frames all round the glass, sightlines in excess of 8 inches when 2 closed doors are together
  • choice of frames - aluminium (slimmest), timber or pvc
  • open with a sliding folding movement, giving rise to various names as accordian/concertina doors and folding-sliding doors
  • fully retractable for almost total access through aperture
  • available from numerous suppliers of varying quality

Frameless Glass Doors:
  • frames top and bottom only; narrow gasket visible at sides for sightlines of ONLY ONE AND A HALF INCHES when 2 closed doors are together
  • open with a slide-and-pivot movement
  • attractive views through inter-spaced doors
  • fully retractable for almost total access through aperture
  • manufactured in the U.K.
In the U.K., SunSeeker Doors manufactures and installs both bifolding doors and double-glazed frameless glass doors (also known as glass curtains). Comparative quotations are free via email or telephone and there is no hard-sell, no salesmen will call. Testimonials can be viewed on www.sunseekerdoors.co.uk

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn Offer on Frameless Slide & Pivot Patio Door System

Can we tempt you away from traditional bi folding doors with an offer to enjoy superior views with Frameless Glass technology?

Our double-glazed Frameless Slide & Pivot patio door prices are only 20% more than bifolds until 23rd September 2011. Fully retractable when open - just like bifolds - but with much narrower sight-lines when closed (19mm rather than 70mm).

Lots of information on www.sunseekerdoors.co.uk, including an obligation-free quotation request form.

Light reading: SunSeeker Doors product history.