Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Front Page News for Kite-Marked Double Glazed Frameless Patio doors

Frameless Double Glazed Sliding Pivot Doors are featured on the front page of the SunSeeker Doors web site.

A major selling point of SunSeeker Doors' frameless double glazed patio doors is the British kite mark, a reassurance for home-owners investing in innovative new upgrades to their properties.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors are the only frameless double glazed patio doors to bear the Kitemark.

The full range of retractable glass doors can be viewed on our website:

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cosy-up with a totally see-through, fully openable glass Room Divider

Natural light inside the home is maximised with frameless glass room dividers, yet you need only heat part of the room, thus saving money. 

Fitting an "invisible" partition or "glass curtains" in the home has additional benefits. Apart from allowing light to bounce around and heat to be focused, it can reduce noise between areas - for example, the dishwasher in an 'American-style' open plan kitchen/living room arrangement would be less obtrusive from the sitting area.

British made SunSeeker Frameless Glass Door room dividers give you the best of both worlds because they are fully retractable when you want them to be, enabling maximum access space between the two (previously separate) areas.

Fitted in a short time with minimum fuss, why not order some now? They can be be installed in 2 or 3 weeks!


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Maximising your Natural Light with Glass Doors & walls

Shaded rooms, particularly areas with a northerly aspect, could benefit from maximising the flow of available natural light from outside. Double glazed glass with high thermal values can replace smaller windows or patio doors or, if the budget is secondary to your desire for quality lifestyle, replace a whole area of non-supporting wall with glass.

Why not go one better and ensure that each glass panel is openable - and can be pushed aside to give you metres of connecting space between inside and outside? It's possible with Frameless Glass Doors from SunSeeker Doors!

In the featured photograph, the first glazed panel to the right of the support column will unlock and pivot open for access to the garden. Following this, any number of the other frameless glass doors can slide to the open door area and also pivot open, eventually - quickly and effortlessly - essentially removing the whole glass wall, if required.

Frameless glass doors can be fitted as part of an extension or redesign project; they can also replace existing patio doors or bi-folding doors. Installation is usually completed in under a day.

The cost of Frameless Glass Doors is comparable with good quality bi-folding doors. SunSeeker Doors will be happy to provide quotes for both bi-folding and frameless glass doors, with no further obligation to you and no sales pressure.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Patio Doors: Slimmest Sight-lines? Slimmest Profiles?

click image to enlarge view
SunSeeker Doors, established UK manufacturer and installer of bi-folding doors, has developed a fully double-glazed, fully retractable patio door system with incredible sight-views.

The Frame-less Glass Door system offers an expanse of opening glass doors up to and in excess of seven metres wide. When closed, the slim sight-lines are 19mm (about ¾") at each side of each door where the double glazed panels are sealed. When open, the slim profiles enable maximum access through the doorway.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors feature improved benefits over bi-folding doors:
  • Narrow sightlines = more glass = more natural light and larger viewing area
  • No hinges = slim profiles = wider access
  • Better thermal values = reduced heat lost = fuel cost savings
Not to mention the wow factor!

View the installation gallery and compare prices of Slimline Bifolds with Frameless Glass Doors.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Fully Retractable Commercial Frameless Glass Doors and Windows

Frame-less, single glazed, "unbreakable" tempered glass opening panels are fully retractable and can be fitted as doors or windows. Developed and manufactured in England, frameless glass doors and windows allow uninterrupted views from inside to outside - and vice versa.
Installed in restaurants to merge indoor and outdoor table service areas, frameless glass doors can be used to enclose seating areas beneath cloisters, even with arch shaped openings.
Frameless glass doors can be spaced to retain a barrier whilst welcoming in some fresh air by opening one door and sliding the other doors along the guide rails to position them where required.
Commercial frameless glass doors are single glazed with commercial standard tempered glass. Contact SunSeeker Doors to discuss your requirements.

Frameless Double Glazed Doors for domestic dwellings are also available, see for these and bi folding doors.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

British Frameless Glass Doors for your home ... or castle

British designed and manufactured, Frameless Glass Doors are available as single or double glazed, depending where you want to use them..

As Room Dividers
SunSeeker Doors' Frameless Glass Doors Room Dividers are:
  • made in England
  • fully retractable
  • frame-less
  • have no hinges

As Patio Doors
SunSeeker Doors' Double Glazed Frameless Patio Doors are: 
  • made in England
  • fully retractable
  • frame-less
  • have no hinges
  • thermally compliant with building regulations

As external enclosures
SunSeeker Doors' Frameless Glass Enclosures are: 
  • made in England
  • fully retractable doors
  • frame-less
  • have no hinges

Also suitable as Commercial Room Dividers, Enclosures and shop/restaurant frontages.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bi Folding Doors Comparison

Bifolding doors compared with new double-glazed Frameless Glass Doors

Bi Folding Doors:
  • frames all round the glass, sightlines in excess of 8 inches when 2 closed doors are together
  • choice of frames - aluminium (slimmest), timber or pvc
  • open with a sliding folding movement, giving rise to various names as accordian/concertina doors and folding-sliding doors
  • fully retractable for almost total access through aperture
  • available from numerous suppliers of varying quality

Frameless Glass Doors:
  • frames top and bottom only; narrow gasket visible at sides for sightlines of ONLY ONE AND A HALF INCHES when 2 closed doors are together
  • open with a slide-and-pivot movement
  • attractive views through inter-spaced doors
  • fully retractable for almost total access through aperture
  • manufactured in the U.K.
In the U.K., SunSeeker Doors manufactures and installs both bifolding doors and double-glazed frameless glass doors (also known as glass curtains). Comparative quotations are free via email or telephone and there is no hard-sell, no salesmen will call. Testimonials can be viewed on

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn Offer on Frameless Slide & Pivot Patio Door System

Can we tempt you away from traditional bi folding doors with an offer to enjoy superior views with Frameless Glass technology?

Our double-glazed Frameless Slide & Pivot patio door prices are only 20% more than bifolds until 23rd September 2011. Fully retractable when open - just like bifolds - but with much narrower sight-lines when closed (19mm rather than 70mm).

Lots of information on, including an obligation-free quotation request form.

Light reading: SunSeeker Doors product history.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bifolding Doors. Why install bifolds when Frameless is on offer?

For a little more than the price of bi-folding doors, SunSeeker Doors is offering the latest design technology at a discount for a limited time during August. But hurry, there's only a couple of days left!

Manufacturers of bi-folding doors since 2003, SunSeeker Doors began developing a double-glazed version of Frame-less Glass Curtains two years ago. Frameless Glass Doors comply with British Standards and have demonstrated greater thermal values than bi-folds. There are two basic differences:
  • Frameless Glass Doors have better sightlines - more glass where frames used to be;
  • Unlike bifolding doors, Frameless Glass Doors slide and pivot individually.
Both styles are fully retractable, opening up the complete 'hole in the wall' and both are made in England by SunSeeker Doors. Take a look at the range of traditional bifolds and sleek modern frameless glass patio doors.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Extension Project - Fully Retractable Glass Doors plus floor and roof.

Taken during construction of this large single storey extension, the photograph shows SunSeeker Doors' fully retractable Frameless Glass Doors are the major feature, forming all three outside 'walls'.

Designed, developed and manufactured in England, conforming to British Standards, double-glazed Frameless Glass Doors have a visible gasket at the sides (necessary to form the insulation cavity between sheets of glass) that can be coloured, as shown.

Choose from the widest range of retractable doors available direct from the manufacturer: Frameless Glass Doors, UltraSlim slide and pivot doors and Slimline Bi Folding Doors from SunSeeker Doors.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Have you seen SunSeeker UltraSlim Launch Offer?

SunSeeker Doors UltraSlim Doors launch offer is available until the end of July. UltraSlim is similar to Frameless Glass Doors - why not take a look?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Reduce the Wind-Chill Factor for Sun-bathing!

Frameless Glass Doors are remarkably versatile. Tempered glass makes them virtually unbreakable and suitable for:
  • domestic room dividers
  • commercial room dividers
  • showroom doors
  • cafĂ©/shop-fronts
  • cloisters enclosures
  • swimming pool enclosures
  • paddle-tennis court enclosures
SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors are made in Britain and can often be measured, manufactured and installed within 2-4 weeks.
Contact us for a glass doors quotation

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Slim Sightlines, Slim Profiles, Fully Retractable Patio Doors

SunSeeker Frameless double-glazed patio doors have the slimmest sight-lines and profiles of any fully retractable double-glazed patio doors, including bi folding doors, that we have seen, as illustrated in the photograph.

To find out more, see our innovative glass doors website or, to discuss, call our sales office on 01582 492730

Monday, 13 June 2011

Slimmest Profiles for Double Glazed Retractable Patio Doors

This is a photograph of a close-up section of brand new patio doors on the day they were installed. It includes the main door with handle (the door is so new that the protective cover is still in place) and the profiles of the sliding doors, all in the fully opened position.

Double-glazing requires a gasket seal around the cavity to maintain the vacuum that enables thermal insulation properties, even on frameless glass doors, You can see that each of the door ends is barely wider than the door handle!

These doors can be purchased direct from the company that manufactures them - who better to measure and install? SunSeeker Doors have almost ten years' proven track record of supplying and fitting bi-folding doors in England; more recent innovative products include ultra-slim and frameless glass patio doors, all fully retractable.

Frameless Glass Doors and UltraSlim enable a more generous view than bi-folding doors due to more glass and less metal per door. They work on a similar principle to folding sliding doors but they are slide-and-pivot doors, without frames between them. You can see more photographs on the SunSeeker Doors website.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

West Highland White Terrier Uses New Frameless Glass Patio Door

Easy Peasy! New doors, new challenges but SunSeeker Frameless glass doors are so easy to live with. Open all the retractable doors for maximum access and an unparalleled view or just use one door and still have a great view of your garden!

It's not too late to enjoy this luxury at an affordable price this summer - we can often install the doors within a month of receiving your order and deposit. Go on - click through to our double glazed frameless patio doors enquiry/quotation form ...

Thursday, 7 April 2011

At Last! Some Warm Weather & Pretty Gardens.

Have you wandered into the garden during the warm spell? If you have Frameless Glass Doors, you will have been watching the spring bulbs and primroses brightening the view - and now you can fully open the doors to benefit from the warm sunshine.

If you haven't yet ordered your new made-to measure doors, now is the time!

Compare Frameless with our Slimline Bifolds or, if you'd like integral blinds for privacy or easy control of light-flow during intensely sunny days - without ever having to spend time dusting them - SunSeeker UltraSlim aluminium frame slide-and-pivot fully retractable doors might be for you.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Frame-less Glass Patio Doors - Customer Testimonial and Photograph

SunSeeker double glazed "Slide-Swivel-Stack" doors

"We were looking for bi-fold doors and came across your website accidently via Google.  I'm so glad we did.  Your staff were very helpful - and eventually we decided on frameless doors to give us a clear view into our garden.  The Surveyor came by appointment to measure up and explain how we could configure the doors and the installation date was set for 20 December - a very cold day with heavy snow still on the ground.

The fitters arrived on time and within an hour the old patio doors were gone.  They worked hard in the cold and just finished before it got dark.  There was absolutely no damage to our decoration inside or to the pebbledash outside and they swept up and cleaned up thoroughly before they went.  And we were left with a panoramic view of our winter wonderland.  We are now looking forward to the summer when we can have the doors completely open and bring the garden into our home.  
I recommend the company, their workmanship and their commitment to customer service.

We are thrilled that we took what was for us a bit of a risk in engaging a unknown company and choosing a relatively new product."
Rini, London TW3.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Technical Drawings for Frameless Double Glazed Slide-&-Swivel Doors

Potential customers who want to know more about our doors than how good they look can view a number of information pages covering latest technology, features, glass options and now frame less double glazed technical drawings.

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors are not hinged like bi folding doors. The main door is a normal (frame-less) pivot door; once opened, all other frameless glass doors are able to slide along the top and bottom guides then, unlike traditional sliding patio doors, each door will also pivot or swivel.

The result is as shown in the above image. All the doors are stacked to one side, providing maximum access through the aperture.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Frameless Glass Room Dividers

Internal Room Divider - Frameless Glass Doors

  • Frame-less
  • Lockable
  • Fully Retractable
  • Toughened 'unbreakable' glass

Visit the SunSeeker Doors gallery of Frameless Glass Doors / Room Dividers

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Seamless Room Dividers - Contemporary, Chic, Minimalist

"Frameless Glass Doors as room dividers are the ultimate in modern contemporary chic for harmonious living."

Dividing areas in modern apartments, large villas, heritage properties or commercial premises no longer requires compromise. The debate over natural wood or metallic finishes is over. Frameless glass doors is the future - and that future is here now.

It's easy to imagine because it almost looks like there's nothing there, therefore the difference between no divider and a frameless glass divider is minimal. Even when doors are closed, there are no door frames to interrupt the view.

When the doors are open, the aperture between divided areas is marked only by the discrete outer framework. The transparent doors may be stacked to one or both sides and there are guides across the top and floor. The floor guide is 40mm but can be fitted flush if a groove is prepared prior to installation. This has to be taken into account when measuring and making the doors to the correct height.

Look at our GALLERY of frameless glass door room dividers then why not submit approximate measurements for a no-obligation QUOTE for fully installed frameless glass doors? We'd be delighted to hear from you.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Why have Frames when you can have Frame-LESS glass patio doors?

Aesthetically, natural wood is a very pleasant option if you have to have a solid vertical frame in the middle of your French doors or patio doors. Few people would argue that it's nicer than a mass of pvc / plastic but if the rest of your house has pvc windows and doors, perhaps natural wood would not be the right choice for you.

In fact, there are some advantages to choosing good quality pvc over timber and all those advantages are met by aluminium frames too. Additionally, aluminium tends to offer slimmer frames so that more of your view is visible through the glass areas. Aluminium is available in natural white (to blend with existing pvc) and more than 100 other colours, including metallic, for a stunning statement.

And now there's another option - not timber, not plastic, not metal but ... nothing. No frames at all. FRAMELESS double-glazed doors! Imagine looking through your French doors or patio doors and experiencing an almost uninterrupted view. ('Almost' because the double glazing seal is visible.)

SunSeeker Frameless Glass Doors are made in England, helping to sustain the UK economy as well as being on your doorstep for measuring to your exact requirements and speedy delivery and installation by our experienced, in-house team of fitters. The price might surprise you too. Why not ask for a quote to see if our Frameless French Doors or Frameless Patio Doors suits your budget?

Also available as frameless room dividers without the double glazing (no gasket, just glass).

Friday, 14 January 2011

Living with your Lifestyle Choices

Choosing Doors That You Will Never Grow Tired Of - For Patios, Conservatories and As Room Dividers
By Bee Primrose

Four years ago, I believed that bifolding doors offered the perfect solution for both patio door and contemporary room divider requirements but they were hard to track down four years ago, being marketed under various descriptions, such as folding-sliding doors, sliding-folding doors, multi-fold and bi-fold doors - and there were very few companies selling them. Eventually, though, I found exactly what I wanted at a good price, with a good delivery date and from a local manufacturer/installer. Everything in the garden was rosy - and I enjoyed looking at it through my aluminium framed bifolds.

Then, in 2009, FRAMELESS glass doors arrived in the UK.

Popular in Spain as 'glass curtains', these single glazed door panels could not replace bifolds as patio doors as they did not adhere to building regulations regarding thermal values. Designed as external enclosures for balconies, they were not 100% weather-proof, either. However, as conservatory doors or internal room dividers for both contemporary homes and period homes, there was - and is - nothing that compares. With virtually nothing to see except the view beyond the glass, a partition comprising frameless glass doors fits in with every interior design style.

So the heart says "I want frameless glass patio doors" even though the head knows they are impractical. In this consumer-led age, necessity is no longer required to be the mother of invention - desire will do - and a couple of UK-based door companies worked hard on developing the concept into a reality. By 2010, FRAMELESS DOUBLE-GLAZED DOORS became available.

For two glass panels to maintain high insulation properties, the cavity between them must remain impermeable which means that there has to be a seal or gasket all round. Although there are no frames at the side of the doors, there is a narrow, visible gasket. When compared with the frames on bi folding doors, this blip on the landscape is negligible.

Installations of frameless glass patio doors are now just about in the hundreds in the UK, some photographs are available to view on a small number of web sites. There are also some installers importing similar products but buying British will not only ensure faster installation of this made-to-measure home improvement item, you will be helping British business to re-build the economy.

Compare both products: bi folding doors / frameless glass doors

Article Source: Choosing Doors That You Will Never Grow Tired Of - For Patios, Conservatories and As Room Dividers

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Our First Customer Testimonial for Frameless Double Glazed Doors


I just wanted to say how wonderful the doors are and how well they were fitted - no damage to our decoration and no mess.

It's a joy to view our winter wonderland in panoramic view.

Thank you."

RR, Hounslow TW3, 20/12/2010