Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bi-folding doors v Frameless Glass Doors

The diversity of the aluminium bi-folding door market in the UK has rapidly increased in recent years. Partly due to the modern look which they offer as well as the benefit of being fully retractable. There is however, a new contender on the market which offers the benefit of the bi-fold system but is frameless.....

The frameless glass door is basically a relative of the aluminium bi-folding door but allows almost 100% clear views even when the system is closed. The benefits are as follows:

More Space: Being frameless means less bulk and more room. There are no hinges to accommodate, therefore instead of having chunky stacks of panels when fully open, the frameless glass door offers a thinner alternative.

Better views: When fully opened the frameless glass door offers the same as the bi-folding alternative. However, when closed the frameless has no frames so nearly 100% of the view is still viewable. The bi-fold still on the other hand has many thick aluminium panels which could ruin any picturesque view.

Less to go wrong: Fairly obvious really, with there being no frames and fewer parts there is a smaller chance of anything going wrong. And even when there does it is likely to be cheaper and easier to fix.

At the forefront of home build: The frameless glass door is a product of the future with its rapidly growing success. There is no doubt that it will become a household name in years to come. Why not become part of it?

Sleek, modern, the future:
the frameless glass door will impress your visitors.

The frameless glass door slides each panel to either side of the aperture then folds to one side. This allows the system to become fully opened. The added benefit is that even when closed the frameless glass door allows the user to see amazing views from the inside of their home. The system is currently used in the Mediterranean for balconies and room separators. However this is seen to be the newest in home build trends and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Note that the frameless glass door shown here is single glazed, therefore its use is restricted within UK dwellings where thermal compliance is a requirement. SunSeeker Doors product range includes double glazed frameless glass patio doors.

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