Thursday, 28 February 2013

Frameless Glass and UltraSlim Doors from SunSeeker Doors

When SunSeeker Doors first developed double glazed patio doors without side frames, the decision was taken to continue to use British Kite-marked glass and, three years on, SunSeeker is still the only British manufacturer to offer kite-marked double-glazed Frameless Glass Doors.

The concept was further developed for UltraSlim Doors, similar to Frameless but with a very slim 19mm aluminium frame around the double glazing unit's gasket seal - available in any of the industry's RAL colours. UltraSlim has proved to be extremely popular and has become the best selling patio door system.

Both Frameless and UltraSlim work in the same way, which is different from bi folding doors. There are no hinges to link the doors, allowing the side frames to be much less obtrusive than bifolds, and each door opens individually. These doors are known as slide and pivot, slide and turn, slide and swivel, slide and swing doors or retractable sliding doors.

Unlike traditional sliding doors, RETRACTABLE sliding doors also pivot to enable access through almost the whole of the width of the installation, without obstruction.

Free Quotation. You could have your new doors installed within a month. SunSeeker UltraSlim doors will change your life.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Innovative idea for Frameless Glass Doors

Why would someone extend their balcony area inwards? There are many benefits.

The external balcony doors may not be conducive to maximum light flow or may obscure a wonderful view - leaving these open and viewing through Frameless Glass Doors overcomes these irritations, especially on cooler days.

A stiff breeze could bring leaves, sand or other debris into the home. Rather than choose between suffering dirt and dust or closing the outer doors, Frameless Glass Doors enables a worry-free view, whether seated inside or outside.

In cooler seasons, when you want to take advantage of any sun to warm the room, closed Frameless Glass Doors will help to do this. When it's hot, the doors may be opened fully, almost as if they had never been installed.

It's amazing how this product has enhanced the life-styles of imaginative home-owners. Whether you live in an apartment in Bournemouth or Hampstead, a period home in the Oxfordshire countryside or other areas of England, you may have your own innovative design ideas.

Note that these are single glazed tempered glass doors and therefore not suitable as patio doors. We also supply and install SunSeeker Frameless Double Glazed, UltraSlim and Slimline bi folding doors.